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Brian Vaeth
United States Senate
March 6, 2018
My Fellow Marylanders,
As a firefighter for the City of Baltimore, I recognize the importance of being responsive to calls for assistance from citizens. As a firefighter who was injured in the Line of Duty, disqualified from performing this important public service, and being denied disability retirement benefits by the City, I know what a failed response looks like. I have never seen the fire department fail but I have seen City Hall fail consistently. I don't even know how to make up for a failed response because I've never been on the delivery end of one. I will bring this attitude to the U.S. Senate. It's all that I know.

As I have sought justice in my case, I have met many others who have suffered tremendously because of our government's failure to respond to them appropriately. It's not just firefighters who need help with an issue related to their injuries, but the elderly who are having difficulty with the Medicaid process, people who have had their property unlawfully seized by the State, and mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. As a candidate, I can do nothing except be an advocate for them and raise awareness to their issues. As your Senator, I can do something about it. For me, as well as the people I mention in this website, fair and equal justice simply doesn't exist. I think many of you can associate yourself with us, it's just that we all haven't met yet. It is my pleasure and distinct honor to meet you now and I offer you my commitment to do whatever is within my power to assist you in seeking the justice you deserve. I can do a lot as your Senator and while my resources are limited, compared to that of the establishment sponsored candidates who are criss-crossing the State buying their places in this election, I will give you an effort that will not be forgotten, no matter the outcome of it.

We need to better all around. Government is not a business, it is a public service and the People are not customers. GANTT sheets, SWOT reports, and data collection programs will do nothing to improve our lack of responsiveness. Actually responding to calls for help will, so I will roll up my sleeves and do what I know instead of pushing around a bunch of paper. You'll see a leaner government with more officials out in the streets getting their hands dirty instead of just patting other elected officials on the back.

                                                                       In service, I remain,


The citizens of Baltimore are being deceived by their leadership and the reason for the deception is to cover up for the widespread incompetence that has infected City Hall. In many cases, rather than admit their mistake, the City of Baltimore has ruined people's lives by perpetrating unconstitutional violations of the law against them in dealing with those individuals. While everyone is scrambling to solve all of Baltimore's problems overnight and identifying potential sources for it, there is a much bigger fish out there that nobody seems to be trying to catch and that is the City Solicitor. The City Solicitor is the lawyer for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, not the people. Despite the fact that the mayor is the representative of the people, the Solicitor only represents the entity and does not support the electorate. In the Solicitor's vigorous defense of the mayor in legal actions taken against the office, the legal system supports the office naturally, as a result of the fact that they are lawyers and colleagues of judges, opposing counsel, and other court staff. They are also "officers of the court", which means they should be held to higher standard. The ethics laws call for it, however, those standards are rarely met. As evidence demonstrates, municipal lawyers enjoy an inordinate amount of trust that is afforded to them because of the rigid ethics laws they supposedly follow and their standing as members of the court, as officers. It is the intent of this project to inform the citizens of Baltimore of the role the City Solicitor plays in not only representing the mayor legally, but in the policies formulated by City Hall.