bridging the gap


Thank you for your interest in my campaign. In the following, I intend to set the groundwork for what will certainly be a campaign that will evolve over the next couple of years, as we move closer to the election. The information provided herein will be the road map for the direction Vaeth for Governor 2022 is headed in and will serve to be the most comprehensive plan put out by any candidate. I hope it sets a standard, in this respect, and causes candidates to offer more than empty promises in their campaigns. 

The plan begins by returning more authority back to the counties in how their money is spent and the State of Maryland only assuming the role of providing the necessary oversight required to ensure the public's trust is maintained in how we perform this most fundamental function of government. Additionally, I plan to eliminate the regulations that we have in place that confines jurisdictions to teaching a set curriculum. The level of education we provide is already federally mandated and the plan does not deviate from those requirements whatsoever. I just feel that counties who rely on agriculture should tailor a curriculum based upon what serves their community best. For example, farming entails much more than just digging in the dirt and planting seeds. It involves administration, finance, environmental science, energy, construction, facilities management, transportation, and so much more. Those counties could focus more on that aspect and teach a curriculum that can be be better used by students to help them get a head start on obtaining advanced studies in that industry. If the State of Maryland not being in the way helps in the performance of our schools, I am all for eliminating our involvement in it.

As it is my long standing opinion that corruption is the single biggest challenge we all face, I would like the State to focus on eliminating it altogether. That is why my plan deals with downsizing the scope of most agencies under the control of the Governor's Office to oversight instead of partnering with jurisdictions on the services they provide. The jurisdictions will be appropriated their funding and they can decide on how the money is spent. The State has set an example on how their services are provided and will require that everyone complies with it. For instance, as the State has set standards related to when it is proper to begin with the process of snow and ice removal from our streets, all jusrisdictions will be required to begin them at the same time. How they do it is up to them, but they will be required to meet the standard. If not, the State will step in and perform the service while subtracting the cost from being appropriated until they can demonstrate compliance.