NOTICE: The content of this website represents information that is in the public's interest. It details actions undertaken by the government to commit fraud on the United States District Court. While it demonstrates evidence specific to my case against the City of Baltimore, it shows how their tactic of submitting fraudulent affidavits can affect you and your property, if it is ever the subject of actions taken by the government to take it. Protect yourself, understand that they must take you to court if they want to seize your property. As much as they don't want you to have Constitutional rights, you still have them, as long as you exercise them. If you don't, they are willing to totally disregard them.


The citizens of Baltimore are being deceived by their leadership and the reason for the deception is to cover up for the widespread incompetence that has infected City Hall. In many cases, rather than admit their mistake, the City of Baltimore has ruined people's lives by perpetrating unconstitutional violations of the law against them in dealing with those individuals. While everyone is scrambling to solve all of Baltimore's problems overnight and identifying potential sources for it, there is a much bigger fish out there that nobody seems to be trying to catch and that is the City Solicitor. The City Solicitor is the lawyer for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, not the people. Despite the fact that the mayor is the representative of the people, the Solicitor only represents the entity and does not support the electorate. In the Solicitor's vigorous defense of the mayor in legal actions taken against the office, the legal system supports the office naturally, as a result of the fact that they are lawyers and colleagues of judges, opposing counsel, and other court staff. They are also "officers of the court", which means they should be held to higher standard. The ethics laws call for it, however, those standards are rarely met. As evidence demonstrates, municipal lawyers enjoy an inordinate amount of trust that is afforded to them because of the rigid ethics laws they supposedly follow and their standing as members of the court, as officers. It is the intent of this project to inform the citizens of Baltimore of the role the City Solicitor plays in not only representing the mayor legally, but in the policies formulated by City Hall.
Corruption & Politics in Baltimore
Analysis -
The symbolism of our justice system being represented by a blindfolded woman holding nothing but a set of scales is important because she shouldn’t see the race, the gender, the economic status, or the political affiliation of the person in front of her. She should remain blind to such things or else confidence would be lost. It is not just a criminal suspect that has to have confidence in our justice system, victims of crimes, witnesses, jurors, parties to lawsuits, and the public must have confidence in it. The perception is that justice is fair and equal. It is chiseled into the façade of the Supreme Court, directly across the street from the Capitol building and serves as a beacon to a safe harbor for all who seek it. Instead, multiple incidents of misconduct on the part of law enforcement and municipal lawyers continue to be reported on the nightly news and the system that our society relies in to instill order is proving deeply flawed. This is because of a dual track or two-tiered justice system that is in place that has a different set of rules for certain people then for others.          ​​


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