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In Maryland Real Estate, It's all location, location, corruption...

April 30, 2018  at 7:19pm

Governor Hogan just announced the completion of a $23Million State project that widens Route 50 at the Severn River Bridge. This was to improve congestion on Route 50 that has plagued the area for years. Work was completed a month ahead of time. The Hogan Cos., is a broker/consultant on a development called "The Enclave at Crofton" for Diamondback Inv. Co. Principals of the Hogan Cos. are investors in the development. The development is 16 miles from the project and 4 miles from the Route 50 interchange. In real estate it's all location, location, corruption.​​

Wait! It gets better.

You should hear how this bullshit is trying to be used to distract you. MD Republicans are attacking a candidate for the House for support for the development. Steve Schuh, AA Co Exec., donates $26,000 to the House 2018 Victory Slate. This is to help get Republicans elected. The AA Co Exec is the loan donor to the slate. He is friends with Nic Kipke, who controls the fund for the slate and Dirk Haire, MD GOP Chmn is the slate's Chmn. Mr. Haire's wife is running for AA Council. The only thing the slate has funded are the attack ads. They are attacking the candidate for pandering to Democrats. Governor Hogan's allies are the ones doing the attacking.Isn't Governor Hogan doing his fair share of pandering?

​I am just at the beginning of this but expect me to follow this up.


The Enclave at Crofton

The Hogan Cos: Broker/Consultant

Diamondback Inv. Co: Developer