NOTICE: The content of this website represents information that is in the public's interest. It details actions undertaken by the government to commit fraud on the United States District Court. While it demonstrates evidence specific to my case against the City of Baltimore, it shows how their tactic of submitting fraudulent affidavits can affect you and your property, if it is ever the subject of actions taken by the government to take it. Protect yourself, understand that they must take you to court if they want to seize your property. As much as they don't want you to have Constitutional rights, you still have them, as long as you exercise them. If you don't, they are willing to totally disregard them.
Burned Beyond Recognition
Baltimore is a corrupt sh*thole!
Corruption simply cannot be tolerated.
I was a Baltimore City Firefighter for 13 years until I suffered a spinal cord injury while in the Line-of-Duty. The City of Baltimore fired me for it. Now, you might say that they couldn't do that. You'd be right but they own the system and their lawyers commit fraud on the Court.

I'm exposing it all!
About Brian Vaeth 
Baltimore City Hall News
Retired Baltimore City Firefighter​
Truck Company #1

Appreciation Award (3) 95, 99, 01
Meritorious Conduct (2) 99, 01
Mayor's Citation (6) 95, 99 (2), 01 (2), 02
Mayor's Proclamation (3) 96, 99, 01
Distinguished Unit Citation (3) 99 (1), 02 (2)
Box 414 Assoc. Firefighter of the Year 2001

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, while sitting on the Bd of Directors for the UMMS, sold 100,000 copies of her children's book to the board. Kaiser Permanente bought $114,000 worth of mayor’s books 

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh To Take a Leave Of Absence

Baltimore health provider Kaiser Permanente bought $114,000 worth of mayor’s books (READ MORE)

Book deal revelations spur call for Baltimore mayor to quit (READ MORE)

Hogan asks state prosecutor to launch investigation into Mayor Pugh’s book sales (READ MORE)

Baltimore Mayor Pugh To Take Leave Of Absence Amid ‘Healthy Holly’ Book Controversy, Citing ‘Health Issues’ (READ MORE)
While the City of Baltimore was busy screwing me, our Mayor was making illegal book deals and stealing taxpayer money. 

Vaeth v. City of Baltimore, et al.
In the Circuit Court Balto. City
In the United States District Court  Case No. ELH-18-1600 
Related Filing:
Court Order                  Summons
24 C 17003372
Injunction, Writ of Mandamus
After receiving notification that the City failed to pay medical bills associated with my injury, I filed suit to compel them to. The Court informed me that I could not obtain that relief. The suit was withdrawn and filed in the US District Court  
Affidavit of Service
Motion & Memorandum in Support of Entry of Default Judgment 
Exhibit List
Letter to Judge Hollander (Plaintiff)
Copy of Request for Production of Documents & ESI
City's Opposition to Motion for Entry of Default
Exhibit 1
24 C 18004604
Public Information Act Request
Court Order
The City has been denying me the right to access my employment & medical files. A hearing was held on Oct. 31, 2018 wherein the City turned over documents that I already had along with 500 pages of irrelevant material. This was not the files I was asking for, however, the Court dismisses the action due to the City Solicitor's assertion that disclosure was complete.
Reply to Opposition to Motion for Entry of Default
Exhibit 1    USPS Certified Mail Rcpt 7340
USPS Return Rcpt 7201
Exhibit 2    USPS Certified Mail Rcpt 3084
USPS Return Rcpt 7218
City's Motion to Dismiss Rules 12(b)(6) & 60(b)(3)
24 C 19001708
Failure to Preserve Documents MDPIA
Response to City's Motion to Dismiss 
Plaintiff's Motion for Leave to Supplement Opposition
As a result of the previous hearing, I was instructed that if I wanted to obtain any files in the possession of other City agencies, I would need to request those files from them. I sent requests to 11 disfferent agencies. None of them have any files in their possession. This action is PENDING
City's Response to Plaintiff's Motion to Supplement Opposition
Reply to the City's Opposition to Leave to Supplement 
24 C 1900353
Admin. Agency Appeal
A criminal complaint was filed with the BPD. The complaint was forwarded to the BC Inspector General due to lack of jurisdiction by the BPD. The Inspector General ruled incorrectly. This action seeks to order the Inspector General to perform the duties of the officeand it is PENDING
A state’s interest in “the protection of its citizenry and the public safety is not only substantial, but compelling.” Kolbe v. Hogan, 849 F.3d 114, 139 (4th Cir. 2017)

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Motion for Prelim Injunction (Plaintiff)
City's Response to Opposition for Prelim Injunction

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Burned Beyond Recognition

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