NOTICE: The content of this website represents information that is in the public's interest. It details actions undertaken by the government to commit fraud on the United States District Court. While it demonstrates evidence specific to my case against the City of Baltimore, it shows how their tactic of submitting fraudulent affidavits can affect you and your property, if it is ever the subject of actions taken by the government to take it. Protect yourself, understand that they must take you to court if they want to seize your property. As much as they don't want you to have Constitutional rights, you still have them, as long as you exercise them. If you don't, they are willing to totally disregard them.
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Red Maryland circulates a petition saying that the Maryland Flag is under attack. This is after the removal of the Confederate monuments in the City and the statue of SCOTUS Chief Justice Roger Taney in Annapolis. Supporters of those monuments, who are mostly Republicans, were quick to respond by indicating that they have lost confidence in Governor Hogan and would not vote for him again. Governor Hogan needed a distraction. He finally faced his biggest opposition since polls had him favored like he could do no wrong. He found one in this issue and took a symbol that he says, "is a symbol of pride and unity" and subjected it to being part of a controversy that it had no part in. It all ended up being a hoax. The consequences of this could have sparked civil unrest not unlike that which was experienced not too long ago in the City and was the reason Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh used to justify the removal of the statues in the City to begin with...a perceived threat of violence. Was it a conspiracy to incite an uprising, just so Governor Hogan could save his reputation and his favorability high among Republicans again? He needs to answer 2 questions. They are:

Due to the irresponsibility demonstrated in promoting and supporting the hoax perpetrated by Red Maryland, did Governor Hogan have any advance knowledge of it?

If no, does Governor Hogan condemn the irresponsible journalism demonstrated by Red Maryland in not considering what the potential consequences of the petition could have been that would have been paid by Maryland taxpayers if civil unrest did occur?

There can be no confusion on this issue. Is your Governor a liar, or does he support groups that demonstrate hate, in the racial tone set by the pettiton by Red Maryland? I view Red Maryland in the same light as the KKK, the Neo-Nazi's, and ANTIFA. They are the groups that are counter productive to achieving "unity and pride."
@vaethforgov11:50 AM - 26 Aug 2017