We  failed to keep up.
Maryland is corrupt. Nowhere is that demonstrated more than in Baltimore City
and because of it, the State is helpless in solving the problem or else their corruption will be exposed
too. Indeed, I have had enough and I'm pretty sure you have to.
I am going to address how the corruption can be stopped
but first, we have to tell the truth.
See how your rights are being taken from you.
 Former Senator Lisa Gladden testifying before the General Assembly in favor of Senate bill 374
We need to discuss these important issues
Find out why consent decree is fake. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Find out how Baltimore City residents lost their right to access the grand jury
and have our corrupt officials investigated.

See how the Office of the Inspector General was weakened to ensure
City officials are never investigated for their corrupt acts.

See how the Baltimore City Solicitor commits fraud on the Courts.

​Find out why the State of Maryland must step in.
click here​​​​​
Everyone knows how corrupt Baltimore City is. We have become a national
joke. The Mayor & City Council cannot argue that they were blind to the problem.
I, along with many other citizens, have informed them through the filing of complaints
with various City agencies. These complaints were required to be filed before we filed lawsuits
against them. It's called "exhausting administrative remedies" and it is nothing
more than a way for them to deny you access to the Courts.
Swiftly & Decisively
Return the Power back
Lock down City Hall
The time to end the corruption
to the People
Seal the doors shut!
is now
The first thing is seal off access to City Hall and have investigators gather evidence. The Governor should sign an Executive Order that declares the city to be in a state of emergency. Home rule and all authority granted to the city should be immediately suspended. The State of Maryland would be abolishing the authority granted to the City by invoking Art. 1 of the Maryland Declaration of Rights.
 Due to the extent of the corruption, the mayor and city council will be suspended without pay. This will permit them plenty of time to work with their legal counsel in order to provide a defense for themselves. They will have the right to due process. 
In the meantime, continuity in government will continue. City employees will be appointed to work for the state.
 At the earliest date, a special election will be conducted and control of the City of Baltimore will be turned over to the newly elected officials. The only way that any City official that has been charged with any crimes will be eligible to run for a seat in the new government will be if they are fully exonerated by the Courts. The People of Baltimore will get an opporunity to regain agencies that are under the control of the State.   

What's next? It's more than just corruption
Corruption is not my only priority. However, I am a one-issue voter. 
Eliminating corruption will provide a solid foundation on which we can:
  • Build better public schools.
  • Create more jobs
  • Lower property taxes.
  • Update our infrastructure
  • Reduce the size of state government

It's Why I Might Run

 Your Next Governor Cannot Be Just

 Another Absentee Landlord 

for Governor.

Our Governor's response to the problem is silence. This is unacceptable and it is actually a violation of his oath of office. The corruption is a public emergency and should be treated, as such. 
It is going to take someone that knows how deep this corruption goes and how it destroys people.

The Governor needs to step in stop it from spiraling deeper and out of control. I'll tell you what you need to know about it and what actions need to be taken. 
The election for Governor is a long way off and I've witnessed first-hand the amount of corruption that is involved in the elective franchise. I am not satisified with the response of the Maryland Republican party for not holding our Governor accountable for his failure to address the problem. This problem affects every citizen of the state through the supplemental appropriations that have to be made for Baltimore City every year. This takes funding away from jurisidictions that could better spend that money. Until there is a candidate that campaigns on this heavily, I will keep all of my options open. 
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NOTICE: The content of this website represents information that is in the public's interest. It details actions undertaken by the government to commit fraud on the United States District Court. While it demonstrates evidence specific to my case against the City of Baltimore, it shows how their tactic of submitting fraudulent affidavits can affect you and your property, if it is ever the subject of actions taken by the government to take it. Protect yourself, understand that they must take you to court if they want to seize your property. As much as they don't want you to have Constitutional rights, you still have them, as long as you exercise them. If you don't, they are willing to totally disregard them.
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