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I filed  a complaint against the City Solicitor for their fraud in the US District Court with the Baltimore City Office of Civl Rights and Wage Enforcement. On May 24th, I met with an investigator for an hour and detailed my allegations. The next thing that was to happen was an investigation was to be conducted. Due to the urgent nature of the complaint, in that the City's failure to the medical bills associated with my injury is resulting in my inability to seek healthcare services, I assumed that this would be a quick thing to get resolved. Firefighters are at a greater risk of having heart disease and cancer because of the job that we do. Us older firefighters need to be even more vigilant about our health long after we leave the deaprtment. We must be able to have routine check ups and get proper treatment. As it stands now, because of their failure to pay over $160,000 for my medical bills as a result of my work related injury, a hospital only has the obligation to stabilized me until I can be transferred to an accepting facility. Well, to make a long story short, it has been just another game of chase my tail that they had me playing. On June 21st, the investigator informed me that the City wasn't going to do anything about it.

What's funny is, the City responds to my complaint about being denied due process by dropping my complaint and denying it of the due process it deserves again. Here's is the complaint process, as outlined on their website: 

When a complaint is filed...
After it is established that your complaint can be handled by the Baltimore Community Relations Commission, you will meet with a staff member who will help you with the wording of your complaint so that it is in proper legal form. The complaint will then be reviewed and approved by you.
After you have signed the complaint, it is then sent to the Director who will approve it for investigation. After your complaint has been assigned to an investigator, the first step in the investigation is the probable scheduling of a Fact Finding Conference. A Fact Finding Conference is not guaranteed, however. Each complaint is reviewed in great detail to determine whether a Fact Finding Conference should be scheduled. Based on the issues and complexities of a complaint, not all complaints will result in a Fact Finding Conference.

None of this has been done and I was only informed that the Office of Civil Rights and Wage Enforcement was abandoning my complaint via a telephone call. What is needed is an explanation, in writing that justifies the agency's actions and informs me of my rights to appeal their determination in the Circuit Court. To this date, 7/10/2017, I have not received that notification.

Looks like I'm going back to the US District Court. Stay tuned!